Rotary Information Course
This course is designed to give Rotarians a basic knowledge of Rotary structures, the district, and a practical understanding of the changes and challenges facing Rotary today. 
This course is highly recommended for all presidents-elect, newer Rotarians, and anyone else considering serving on club or district committees. 
The course will be through email correspondence, and participants will work at their own pace. The primary focus is to give learners practice finding and using the resources needed to answer questions about the workings of RI and the District. 
The cost of the course is limited to materials the participant (or a club) wishes to purchase, but nearly all resources used are available online as free downloads, or can be borrowed. Participants must have a computer with software capable of opening Microsoft WORD documents and pdf files, and be proficient in email. 
In an attempt to keep everyone together as much as possible, members not signed up by October 31 will need to wait until next year to take the course.
The registration form and course outline can be found in the pull-down link at the top of this page (Information Course).  For more information, contact Jim Piderman at
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